This really works - hurray!!!

I, too, was skeptical about this product at first. I wanted a toilet product that would not harm toilet tank parts like the toilet tablets do. I also did not want a product that would require the frequent purchase of refills such as the Kaboom NeverScrub or that would be a hassle to maintain, i.e., leaky tubes, parts that could wear out, etc.

This product not only is odorless (no chlorine smell or other chemicals), but does not require the use of refills, does not need to be replaced for quite a long time and does not harm toilet tank parts.

But after several months, I am happy to report that my toilets are exceptionally clean with no toilet bowl stains and require minimal maintenance, other than the usual cleaning of the toilet seat and the rim of the toilet bowl. Instead of the weekly scrubbing of the toilet bowl, it's now once every 3 to 4 weeks and the cleaning has been a light job. I live in a hard water area and did make it a point to use 2 cartridges instead of one for each of the toilets and, yes, it does make a difference. The bottom line: use 2 cartridges if you live in a hard water area. Great product - no chemical smell and no refills needed! Highly recommend!

So far I'm amazed!

Chemfree delivered! We have hard, mineral leaden well water and nothing has worked for YEARS at trying to keep the toilet bowls stain free. Clean isn't the issue, hard water staining is, even the tanks were solid brown and encrusted. Not anymore! The magnets have been in place for only a week and the change is amazing. Thankyou!!

May 13, 2013

The last ones really lasted for 5 years in 3 toilets.

The last ones really lasted for 5 years in 3 toilets. When they failed, there was a brown jelly like ooze. This order was replacements. Also this was the best price I could find.

I also gave 2 too each of our grown up children! Last year, they got the washable pet hair removers!

Nancy E., Wisconsin - May 5, 2013

Great for hard water

I have used these before, and they are a great way to minimize mineral stains without using chemicals in your toilet if you have a pet that, ahem, may use the toilet as a water source. Plus it makes cleaning quicker and easier.


Loved it, Would recommend this product for anybody. Especially mothers who have children. It's chemical free and non-toxic. Great Product.

Tamara G.

Great Product.

I have been using this product for over ten years. It removes the metal and rust from the incoming water and has stopped the stains and discoloration in the toilet bowl. I thoroughly recommend it.

We have used this product for years. ChemFree does just what it say it will do. We have a well system and the product keeps the tank really clean. Will always purchase this product.

October 13, 2012

It has been a long, long time that I have been using these...probably over 15 years......It does what it claims: repels stains, inhibits bacteria growth.

Item was promptly shipped, and works well. Lasts about 3 years. I had problems with algae building up in a rarely used toilet due to the water chlorination dissipating. The product removed the algae and kept the water clean.

Highly recommended.

May 29, 2009

It's not Voodoo!!

The product claims sound too good to be true, but if you have a problem with mineral stains on your toilet bowl ChemFree is great! I originally bought this product a little over 5 years ago. Our water is not extremely hard, but it does leave brown stains on the toilet bowl which have to be scrubbed off on a daily basis. After I got the ChemFree and put it in the toilet tanks I only had to scrub the toilets weekly, or even less. I completely forgot about the product until a couple of months ago when I suddenly found myself dealing with brown stains again. At first I thought there had been a water main problem and hoped it would clear up. Eventually I looked in the toilet tank to see if something was rusting and found the ChemFree. I ordered another package, scrubbed the toilet and put it in the tank. No more brown stains! I do not like to use those "blue-water" cleaners since the cats sometimes drink the water and I don't want to poison them. ChemFree is a perfect solution.

October 1, 2008

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